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Sokka: I am so sorry. Something struck me in the rear. I just… wound up… here.Macmu-Ling: Five, seven, then five, syllables mark a haiku. Remarkable oaf.Sokka:They call me Sokka, that is in the Water Tribe.I am not an oaf.Macmu-ling: Chittering monkey, in the spring he climbs treetops, and thinks himself tall.Sokka:You think you’re so smart, with your fancy little words, this is not so hard. Macmu-Ling:Whole seasons are spent, mastering the form, the style, none calls it easy. Sokka:I calls it easy. Like I paddle my canoe, I’ll paddle yours too!Macmu-Ling:There’s nuts and there’s fruits.In fall the clinging plumb drops, always to be squashed. Sokka:Squish, squash, sling that slang. I’m always right back at ya, like my… BOOMERANG!That’s right, I’m Sokka, it’s pronounced with an “okka”, young ladies, I rocked ya! …

I am so sorry. 
Something struck me in the rear. 
I just… wound up… here.

Five, seven, then five, 
syllables mark a haiku. 
Remarkable oaf.

They call me Sokka, 
that is in the Water Tribe.
I am not an oaf.

Chittering monkey, 
in the spring he climbs treetops, 
and thinks himself tall.

You think you’re so smart, 
with your fancy little words, 
this is not so hard. 

Whole seasons are spent, 
mastering the form, the style, 
none calls it easy. 

I calls it easy. 
Like I paddle my canoe, 
I’ll paddle yours too!

There’s nuts and there’s fruits.
In fall the clinging plumb drops, 
always to be squashed. 

Squish, squash, sling that slang. 
I’m always right back at ya, 
like my… BOOMERANG!

That’s right, I’m Sokka, 
it’s pronounced with an “okka”, 
young ladies, I rocked ya! 

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